Monday, December 20, 2010


Dear You,

I love you. I regret ever ending it and never having the courage to tell you before now. I was to late everything’s all screwed up now. You dont want to lose me. You tell me you still love me too. You always have, but for some reason i have a hard time believing that. You promised me you’d never let go but you just did. So what now? I’ll turn into that hopelessly in love heart broken girl i promised myself I’d never be again? I told you what to do , and sadly you actually listened.. you agreed. See, you’re not fighting to keep me anymore. Its been so long since that first day I met you , and throughout this time i’ve always came back to you. You were my first love, not him, but you. I’d never tell you that though. Even though everything’s different now I still love the time we spend together even if it’s only a little bit. Each step i take with you , i fall a little bit more in love. I miss all those times we had. I always find myself thinking about those memories, how happy i was with you even though our relationship was a wreck. How when we kissed no one else was there. When you hugged me i never wanted to let go. When I was just there in your arms, it felt so perfect. You loved me inspite of my short-temper and irritability. You still loved me when I hurt you so much. You loved me unconditionally and I dont think I’ll find anything like what we had. You were the sweetest thing ever and the best I ever had. I just can’t believe I gave that up. It’s one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made so far. You like her to much now and it’s killing me inside, i’ll never have my chance again because i blew all the other ones and its tearing me apart. All I have left is tears and a broken heart and even worse? It’s all my fault. I wish I could go back in time. I wish you still cared. I wish you kept your promises. I wish I realized this sooner. I wish you still loved me.



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